dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Une conférence (in english) sur les atouts de la recherche collaborative pour la recherche en éducation

Vidéo de la préconférence ESERA

Addressing the Complexity of the Educational Setting with Collaborative Research. A Case Study about Game-Based Learning.
E. Sanchez & C. Jouneau-Sion – EducTice- IFÉ - ENS Lyon
During the last few years our team has been involved in research into the use of games for secondary education. Researchers and practicing teachers collaborate to address the complexity of educational settings focused on a Game-Based Learning approach. Our research methodology is a design-based process aiming at refining both theory and practice regarding the design of games and its impact on learning outcomes.
Our presentation will focus on the description of the research methodology. It will also offer the opportunity to discuss the benefits and limitations associated with this methodology.

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